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Chatsworth Announces Spring 2022 Exhibition Programme

26 March 2022

Living With Art We Love: An exhibition presented by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire taking place in the house from 26 March to 9 October features favourite items from their acquisitions over the past 40 years, few of which have been on public display, including paintings, sculpture and furniture, and including some works from the historic collection with a section dedicated to Lucian Freud in that artist’s centenary year.”

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Artists In Their Studios (House and Garden Magazine)

April 2022

“The studio speaks a similar language. Housed in an old laundry in west London, the space is characterised by horizontal and vertical lines, much like the marks Tarka uses in her work. Bars on the windows cast grids of shadow, and narrow boards run the length of the ceiling. Tarka makes her drawings using straight, vertical lines of graphite and coloured pencil, slowly building up layers. Paper is pinned to the wall and she stands as she draws. ‘It’s like walking a tightrope,’ she says. ‘It becomes more nerve-wracking towards the end of a drawing. You can’t mess up, you can’t take anything back, the smallest thing can make a big difference.”

House and Garden Magazine

Louisa Guinness Gallery: Artist’s Jewellery

8 October - 26 November 2021

“For British artist Tarka Kings, her Unstrung Mandolin pendant is a meditation on the silence and stillness of her usually musical house in the first few months of lockdown. Rendered in 18k gold, and artfully assembled, the heart of the instrument delicately spins, a whimsical detail that evokes the feeling of a music box. This project was provoked by a response to a Portrait exhibition at Chatsworth House where Kings chose to present her portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire in a small gold framed drawing, serving as a pendant. With the taste for jewellery whetted, she developed new ideas over the next 18 months of lockdown, working closely with the gallery and with design help from her friend, Susanne Kapoor.”

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Unstrung Mandolin by Tarka Kings and Susanne Kapoor in collaboration with Louisa Guinness, 2021, 18K Gold, Edition of 5

Tarka Kings in the FT Weekend Magazine

11 November 2021

“Airlie is the Scottish home of London-born artist Tarka Kings and her husband, the Scottish-American singer-songwriter and heir David Ogilvy, who divide their time between here and an airy, open-plan home in London, which they share with their three sons. The castle comes freighted with the weight of David’s family history. But the pair have managed successfully to marry their deeply different stories through their shared creative gifts.”

Read the full article written by Fiona Golfar here
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Tarka Kings: New Cut-Outs

3 October - 29 November 2019

“Carefully assembled from strips of Chiyogami paper and Balsa wood, Tarka Kings’ Cut-Outs are her first wholly abstract body of work. With their thin, colourful, irregular lines, the papers are already drawings in their own right, and the Cut-Outs emerge from a dialogue between these forms and the artist’s intentions. The smallest intervention – a touch of red, or a shape shifted slightly to the right – has major implications for the overall effect of each work. This extreme sensitivity of the medium means that Kings proceeds by what she calls a series of ‘tiny decisions’.”

Sam Spike
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